Kate Frissell; M.Ed., CADC II

Clinical Director

Kate entered the recovery field following a "First Act Career" in public education for over a decade. Kate's professional history, combined with her personal experience and deep ties to the recovery community, allow her to serve our population from an unparalleled & authentic identification platform.
In her spare time, Kate loves to spoil her dogs, and experience life with her recovery family!

Robert Kirkman; MA, CADC


Rob has 35 years of experience as an administrator, counselor, and public policy advocate in the field of addictions. He is a published writer and editor and has led trainings and workshops in Adventure Based Therapy & Recovery. He served on the Advisory Committee for the Secretary of Health & Human Service's National Substance Abuse Prevention Initiative and the Child Welfare League of America's Chemical Dependency Task Force in Washington, D.C. As a medical missionary, Rob has made 20 trips to South Sudan, where he led faith based 12 Step Life Recovery discussion groups as well as conducting call in radio programs promoting principles of Life Recovery and public health.

Leon Supranowicz

Living Center Coordinator

Leon has been working in the human services field since 2012 and began working with his Dad @ ALC in 2016. Leon's unfettered passion in assisting the ALC population is applied daily by utilizing his personal and professional experiences in the recovery process through empathy, compassion, and patience. In his spare time, Leon's passions include hiking, snowboarding, and pretty much any outdoor activity!

Eric Simmons

Admissions Director/Outreach

I am a proud graduate of Westfield State University, holding a degree in Sociology and History. As a dedicated father of two, he treasures quality moments with his children. He is enthusiastic about staying fit and passionately believes that exercise is a fantastic way to unwind and reduce stress. With a 15-year career in the human service field, Eric is experienced in helping people. For the past five years, he has been focused on aiding individuals in their journey towards recovery from addiction. Eric brings his wealth of experience, compassion, and understanding to our team. His ability to connect with others and provide support is truly commendable. We are fortunate to have him as a valuable member of our team!

Manfred "Manny" Slaughter

Recovery Manager

Manny Slaughter has been part of the ALC team since 2016, and has been in the recovery community since 2003. He has a passion and desire for helping others by bringing authenticity through patience and empathy. His commitment was recognized in 2015 by Senator Elizabeth Warren, where he was awarded The Citation for Outstanding Community Service.

Manny brings these same traits to ALC on a daily basis, and it defines Manny's work as a veteran community activist for the recovery community here in Berkshire County.

In his spare time, Manny enjoys going to the gym, traveling, and spending time with his wife and 2 daughters.

Sean Peich

Addiction Counselor

Sean entered the field 3 years ago on a mission to show others the possibilities that come with a new way of life. In his free time, Sean enjoys time with his family camping on the weekends down by the beech. Sean is a family man and finds joy in being a father to his son Forest. Sean completed the Addiction Counselor Education program in 2022 at Westfield State University to obtain his CADC and become a counselor. Sean has since opened All in Recovery LLC, a shared sober environment for individuals in recovery.

Dr. John Schnauber

Clinical Supervisor

Dr. Schnauber has 18 years of experience as a professional social worker, clinician, and public policy advocate. Much of his focus has been with in the field of community violence reduction, recidivism reduction, veteran re-integration, addiction, and y services. As an Adjunct Professor for Elms College Jon focuses on teaching the next generation of Social Workers Public Policy and Advanced Social Work practice in Communities. As the clinical supervisor for ALC Jon brings 30 years of personal and professinal experience with addiction and recovery.

Chad Furtado

Pittsfield case manager

I am a dedicated professional committed to achieving family stability and community growth, as evidenced by my successful completion of an internship in the addiction field through the ALC program. Beyond my professional pursuits, I find fulfillment in singing, sports, and music, reflecting my well-rounded and compassionate nature. Highly skilled in production management, I bring both expertise and a commitment to excellence to every aspect of my work.

Trey Carter

Addiction Counselor

Born and raised in Berkshire County and southern VT, Trey has 12 years of recovery experience and recently completed CADC schooling. He enjoys giving back to the recovery community as he understands the hardships of addiction and how important it is for his own recovery to help others with the same issues he once had. Trey thinks recovery is a serious matter but believes we should make the most out of it by having fun. Being as Trey knows the landscape of the area, is a musician and enjoys nature, he brings knowledge of the resources available to positively encourage clients to pursue their lost interests and get back to life that is worth living specific to the individual.

Joann Carolus

Addiction Counselor

Joann Carolus is a dedicated addiction counselor on a mission to facilitate positive transformations in the lives of those facing substance abuse challenges. With a master's in clinical counseling and ongoing pursuit of a CDAC qualification, she hones her skills in evidence-based therapies and crisis intervention. Joann's empathetic approach emphasizes addressing root causes and fostering a non-judgmental space for clients to heal, while her personal interests include outdoor activities, sewing, and reading.

Jason McKenzie

Pittsfield Recovery Specialist/Activities

Jason McKenzie grew up in South Hadley and earned his bachelor's degree from American International College in Springfield Massachusetts. Jason is an avid fisherman and lover of the outdoors. He loves skiing and snowboarding so much that he spent 10 years of his life in Colorado! Jason is enthusiastic about his recovery and will do anything he can to help our clients in their own recovery journey. He is also an ALC graduate and says, "Coming to ALC was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It very well may have saved my life!"

Karen Horton

Outpatient Intake Coordinator

Karen entered the field on a mission to show others the possibilities that come with a new way of life. Shortly after that she earned her LADC II online from UMass Boston. Karen's infectious spirit fills the office with joy and laughter and our clients with hope. In her spare time, Karen is an avid softball player (she DOES prefer when she wins), is devoted to her family and friends, and dotes on her dogs (who look adorable in hoodies and top hats)