Dennis R Bates CADC, LADC-I, CPII

Director of Operations

Dennis R. Bates, CADC, LADC-I, CPII is a nationally published and award-winning clinician with more than 24 years of experience in the recovery field.

Dennis has been a sitting member for the Massachusetts Bureau of Substance Abuse Counselors Board of Directors for over 12 years. In 2012 he was awarded the Massachusetts Association of Behavioral Healthcare's Provider Recognition Award for "Excellence in Outcomes", and the NIATx "Innovations in Treatment" National Award. Additionally, he is an adjunct instructor in the Westfield University Addiction Counselor Education program.

Dennis' passion to promote hope stems from his personal and professional experiences in the recovery community. In his spare time, Dennis golfs, plays guitar, wrestles with his pups, and regales in his family.

Robert Kirkman; MA, CADC


Rob has 35 years of experience as an administrator, counselor, and public policy advocate in the field of addictions. He is a published writer and editor and has led trainings and workshops in Adventure Based Therapy & Recovery. He served on the Advisory Committee for the Secretary of Health & Human Service's National Substance Abuse Prevention Initiative and the Child Welfare League of America's Chemical Dependency Task Force in Washington, D.C. As a medical missionary, Rob has made 20 trips to South Sudan, where he led faith based 12 Step Life Recovery discussion groups as well as conducting call in radio programs promoting principles of Life Recovery and public health.

Kate Frissell, M.Ed.

Kate entered the recovery field following a "First Act Career" in public education for over a decade. Kate's professional history, combined with her personal experience and deep ties to the recovery community, allow her to serve our population from an unparalleled & authentic identification platform.
In her spare time, Kate loves to spoil her dogs, and experience life with her recovery family!

Deborah Shaver-Bates, CADC, LADC-II

Deb has been ensconced in the recovery field for well over 2 decades. She is a former sitting member on the Western Massachusetts Providers Associations Board of Directors, has sat as the Director of a BSAS/DPH halfway house for over 20 years, and has received multiple awards for her dedication to the clients over the years. Her Solution Focused approach is infectious with clients and staff alike.

In her spare time, Deb loves to garden, spoil her pups, and embrace her family.

Leon Supranowicz

Living Center Coordinator

Leon has been working in the human services field since 2012 and began working with his Dad @ ALC in 2016. Leon's unfettered passion in assisting the ALC population is applied daily by utilizing his personal and professional experiences in the recovery process through empathy, compassion, and patience. In his spare time, Leon's passions include hiking, snowboarding, and pretty much any outdoor activity!

Eric Simmons

Operations Coordinator

Eric has been working in the human services field since 2008 and has played an integral role in ALC since 2018. Eric is currently in college majoring in sociology with a minor in History. Eric brings his professional and personal experiences, and an unbridled passion for recovery to ALC on a daily basis. In his spare time, Eric loves to spend his time with his wife and his two children.

Manfred "Manny" Slaughter

Recovery Manager

Manny Slaughter has been part of the ALC team since 2016, and has been in the recovery community since 2003. He has a passion and desire for helping others by bringing authenticity through patience and empathy. His commitment was recognized in 2015 by Senator Elizabeth Warren, where he was awarded The Citation for Outstanding Community Service.

Many brings these same traits to ALC on a daily basis, and it defines Manny's work as a veteran community activist for the recovery community here in Berkshire County.

In his spare time, Manny enjoys going to the gym, traveling, and spending time with his wife and 2 daughters.

Frank Hatch

Recovery Case Manager

Frank has been active in the recovery community since 2005. Since that time, he has nurtured his desire to help people in recovery by assisting the mentally and physically disabled with desire, empathy, and patience. In his spare time, Frank enjoys camping, attending live concerts, and traveling with his family and friends