About Us

The Berkshire Model

The ALC (The Alternative Living Centers) was initially started in the summer of 2013. It was founded in part to offer a choice to the person in early recovery in having the ability to seek recovery and to be able to maintain either their current job, and/or, to enter back in the workforce. We wanted to offer the client the opportunity to be self-sufficient while not having to depend on a state-funded program for recovery. ALC helps the addict in early recovery recognize what is available in their community, and where other folks in recovery meet and maintain their sobriety.

ALC has now evolved into much more than that today, all while keeping with our original principles and staying focused on the individual addict seeking recovery.

ALC offers a full recovery campus with several buildings for our All Male Resident Living Center members that are staffed day and evening by a staff that has significant experience in recovery. The Living Center is in the heart of our community, located in the Scenic Berkshires of Western Mass., and is within walking distance to many AA, NA, and other types of recovery meetings. We also offer our clients a full membership to the local YMCA.