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ALC & IOP addiction treatment services in Pittsfield & North Adams, MA

  • The Alternative Living Centers provide a safe, structured, drug and alcohol-free environment for individuals seeking a clean and sober way of life. These houses were designed by people in recovery for people seeking recovery.
  • We have six buildings in total: five for housing and one for outpatient treatment. As part of the Massachusetts Association for Sober Housing (MASH), we strive to exceed expectations when it comes to structured support. Licensed therapists are on staff to provide addiction outpatient treatment.
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Avoid temptation by living with other sober people

If you're living somewhere where you're surrounded by people drinking or using other addictive substances, it makes you more vulnerable to start using again. Our Recovery Center combined with our ALC IOP program gives you the tools you will need to succeed and provides you with a community of people in similar situations with similar goals. You can stay away from harmful influences and hold yourself accountable.

Our Outpatient Program offers:

Alcohol and Drug recovery support

Structured recovery housing for those making a change

An outpatient recovery program is available

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